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Congratulations, Grads of 2020!

Congratulations! You are officially a St. Michaels University School alumnus!

You and your fellow Class of 2020 graduates are now part of our SMUS alumni family and we couldn’t be more proud of you.

While you may be leaving an environment that is familiar, you are entering a community that is welcoming, connected and supportive, and one that you will be part of for life! If you haven’t already, please join our exclusive online alumni platform, SMUS Connect,where you can catch up on the latest SMUS news and stay connected within our global alumni community. You can also take advantage of our new Alumni Mentorship Program. Whether you are looking to share your experience or seek some professional guidance, this is your opportunity to connect, learn and give back to the global alumni community.

We’ve created an exclusive SMUS Connect Class of 2020 Group where you can celebrate together by sharing photos, updates, memories, and events. Remember, this is your own private group where you can all hopefully stay connected with each other and with the school for years to come. We can’t wait to welcome you back to campus for our next alumni event!

Past SMUS Parents Are Alumni, Too!

Congratulations to the parents and guardians of our graduating students. You are now part of our SMUS alumni community as well and we hope to keep a strong connection with you as parents whose sons and daughters are no longer here on a daily basis, but for whom the St. Michaels University School community may well have been an important part of your lives over the years.

As parents, many of you may wish to continue your own association with the school and with other parents. If so, we would like to invite you to join the SMUS Alumni Parent Group on SMUS Connect. This group will help you remain connected and informed about the life of the school no matter where your sons or daughters may be! Many parents like yourselves have built close personal and social ties to other parents and families over their time at SMUS; as you know, the closeness of our community is one of the distinguishing strengths of the school.

Thank you for your commitment to SMUS over the years. We look forward to seeing you at an alumni event in the future.