2019-20 Athletics

It has been a school year none of us could possibly have anticipated. The year began with such optimism. A good deal of talent and depth across the board meant that multiple SMUS teams appeared legitimate contenders for BC titles or national honours.

The two terms of sport that were completed certainly provided much excitement and some strong achievements. Then in mid-March, the world locked down to fight COVID-19. The pandemic, which brought BC schools to an abrupt close, forced the cancellation of nearly half of SMUS’s scheduled athletic competitions.

And so we are left only to surmise just what might have been. The third term would likely have been even more successful. Golf, tennis, track and field, and rugby all had legitimate chances to capture BC blue banners, while our squash and rowing team would almost certainly have left their mark on the provincial and national stages.

We are pleased to recognize a number of SMUS athletes by presenting our annual Athletic Awards. You can also read summaries of each of the athletic terms at the links below.

A special thanks to Mark Turner for his very strong support as Head of School. I am so often reminded of the huge role sport plays at SMUS. Indeed, participation, enjoyment, performance and sportsmanship remain of vital importance, as reflected in the mottos of St. Michael’s School (“Nothing is great unless it is good”) and University School (“A healthy mind in a healthy body”).

To these, I would add a few final words: To play is good, to win is better, but to love the game is the best.


— Lindsay Brooke, SMUS Athletic Director