Athletic Awards

Team Awards
Work ethic, attitude, leadership and sportsmanship, as voted by teammates

Field Hockey – Suzie Stone
Boys Soccer – Adam Roberts
Boys Basketball – Will Kinahan
Girls Basketball – Marina Fabris
Boys Volleyball – Karter Fry
Girls Volleyball – Ines Wang
Boys Cross Country – Flavius Meinecke
Girls Cross Country – Nadine Reis
Squash – Jay Herring
Rowing – Jaime Chow
Boys Track & Field – Not awarded
Girls Track & Field – Not awarded
Badminton – Not awarded
Tennis – Not awarded
Girls Soccer – Not awarded
Golf – Not awarded
Sailing – Not awarded
Boys Rugby – Not awarded
Girls Rugby – Not awarded

Athletic Director’s Merit Award
Outstanding sport performance
Jay Herring – Squash
Chloé Hill-Huse – Girls Rugby
Liam Hodgins – Rowing
Matt Klimchuk – Boys Rugby
Joshua Mao – Boys Rugby
Angelina Shandro – Track & Field
Luke Vincent – Sailing

Parents’ Auxiliary Cup
Outstanding Male Athlete
Will Kinahan
Karter Fry (Runner-up)

Peyton Cup
Outstanding Female Athlete
Claudia Murr
Julia McDermott (Runner-up)

Parents’ Auxiliary Sportsmanship Award
Outstanding effort, humility in victory, grace in defeat
Jessie Cheng
Sonja Tang

Billy Greenwell Award
Outstanding Male Basketball Player
Karter Fry

Athletic Council Award
Recognition for contributions in leadership to the Athletics Council
Joshua Mao
Megan Johnson

Dalziel Cup
Outstanding 1st XV Rugby Player
Not awarded

Nancy Mollenhauer Cup
Outstanding Field Hockey Player
Elle Nelson

Outstanding Junior Athlete
All round performance and effort
Boys: Tion McLeish
Girls: Makena Anderson & Sophie Olcen